Frequently Asked Questions

Family Friendly Dogs FAQ

You can search available dogs under (‘Sydney Cavoodles’ link) or (‘Gold Coast Cavoodles’ link). Alternatively, if we have not listed what you are looking for at the moment, go to our contact us page and apply here

Yes, we do have a waiting list! Simply go to our contact us page, click ‘apply to go on waiting list’ and we will get back when we have what you are looking for. This can take up to around one month.

No, a dog can never be 100% trained – as it is up to the new family to maintain the lessons and training that we teach and guide . Depending on which service level you select, we do training at all levels such as toilet training, socialisation, crate training and much more at Family Friendly Dogs. 


Your dog will constantly learn new things (especially at a young age) and will act in accordance with their new environment and owners. This is why we provide you with a training manual to take home and ongoing support, as long as this advice is followed, your dog is set up for success.

Poodle mixes (Cavoodles and Moodles) are arguably one of the most ideal pets for families. They are the perfect balance of great intelligence and loving personalities who have no trouble integrating into almost any family dynamic and lifestyle. 

They are mainly hypoallergenic; meaning that they have little to no shedding, and they will not cause allergy flare-ups. See our story here for more information about our trainer and why Oodles. With such ideal traits, these dogs will never have trouble finding a new home if ever necessary; which is why we are so confident in offering our lifetime rehoming program!

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