Fetch Dog

Retrieving Dogs

What is a Retrieving Dog?

  • Retrieving dogs (also known as fetch dogs) refer to dogs that have been trained to use their natural hunting instincts to return objects to their handler.  When trained well, these dogs can go on to compete in retrieving competitions.

  • Competing retrieving dogs can be scored on their abilities, and be recognised for their ability levels. 

  • Historically, retrieving dogs have been used in hunting and as gun dogs to seek out and retrieve game. 

  • In the present day, retrieving dogs are used more commonly to assist those with disabilities and as show dogs.

Cavoodle Dog

Do Cavoodles and Moodles Make Good Retrieving Dogs?

  • Cavoodles are highly trainable and due to their high intelligence, energy levels, and low aggression make wonderful fetch dogs.

  • This combination of intelligence and their low aggression means that when trained properly, they will be able to fetch anything for you without destroying the object that you wish to be returned to you. 

  • Cavoodles need to be exercised daily, both mentally and physically, which is what makes them great dogs for retrieving items. 

  • When given the right training, they will be able to retrieve almost anything - from a toy, mock bird, to items that assist you in your everyday life (for example, retrieving mail for a person with a physical disability).

Family Friendly Retriever Dog Training

  • We specialise in training Cavoodles, and are able to tailor our training to provide your family with a dog who is not only family friendly, but able to retrieve for you - whether this be to assist in making your life easier, or as a personal hobby. 

  • Dogs naturally have hunting instincts in their heritage, and through training we can help your dog ‘tap in’ to these abilities.

If you are interested in Family Friendly Dog retrieving dog training, please Contact Us. We offer this service for our Cavoodles for Sale, Moodles for Sale, or other dogs upon request.

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