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Family Friendly Dogs Previous Cavoodle Litters

Below are some images of Family Friendly dogs previous cavoodle litters that have come through Family Friendly Dogs training to be re-homed to the best of families.

What are the differences in size for Toy Cavoodles, Mini Cavoodles, and Moodles?​

Weight Height Cross
Moodle 2.5-6kg approx 20cm approx Maltese X Poodle
Toy Cavoodle Toy Cavoodle 4-8kg approx Cavalier X Toy Poodle
20cm approx 9-14kg approx Between 35 to 45cm approx Cavalier X Mini Poodle

A major benefit in a crossbred is that these dogs are far less likely to carry genetic defects than their purebred counterparts. Crossing a highly intelligent and obedient dog like a poodle with a more loving and affectionate Cavalier or Maltese creates a happy and wonderful dog who makes an ideal family friendly pet.

What are the Differences in Cavoodle Generations?

Parentage Things to Take into Consideration
First Generation (F1) Poodle and Cavalier First generation Cavoodles may take traits equally from both parents, or take more traits from either one of their parents, which is why some will look more Poodle or Cavalier.
Second Generation (F2) Cavoodle and Cavoodle There is not much difference between an F1 and F2 Cavoodle despite common belief. Any Cavoodle litter has the ability to be a near exact mixture of both breeds, or may look more like a Poodle or Cavalier.
Second Generation (F1b Poodle mix) Cavoodle and Poodle - (¾ Poodle) F1b Poodle Cavoodles may have a more tight knit coat similar to the Poodle which may make them more hypoallergenic and low shedding. They may also have more personality traits like a Poodle having a higher chance of greater intelligence.
Second Generation (F1b Cavalier mix) Cavoodle and Cavalier - (¾ Cavalier) F1b Cavalier Cavoodles may have a more straight coat as a result of being more Cavalier than Poodle. They may typically be slightly more shedding than a typical Cavoodle. They may have more personality traits like the Cavalier, making them more affectionate.
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